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For other legal careers, you will need to show interest in medical legal issues, perhaps by studying an LLM (Master of Laws) or a course in medical law or medical law and ethics. Keep in mind that these courses do not qualify you to practise as a solicitor or barrister in the UK. Clinical negligence Paralegal – Deadline 27/10/2022 At Legal and Risk Services, we support the development of all our employees, regardless of the stage of their legal career. Our new Head of Legal Education and Development will have strategic responsibility for our articling students, paralegals and the professional development of our qualified lawyers. We also offer a personal mentoring program and a CILEx support group led by our legal frameworks. Here are some other legal career opportunities you might consider: You might consider training as a lawyer or lawyer. This can be attractive to doctors, as a career in law can appeal to the same intellectual abilities as medicine. However, access to education is highly competitive and can be expensive, with limited funding options. It may be possible to be sponsored by a law firm or an organization affiliated with the Bar Association. All positions within the legal and risk management departments are advertised on the NHS Jobs website. If you are considering a career in legal and risk management services (or NHS in Wales), please visit the NHS Wales Careers website for detailed information on career paths in Wales. We also offer internships for students and graduates. To learn more, click here.

To practice as a solicitor or barrister in the UK, the training path for non-legal graduates consists of three stages: This page outlines opportunities to work in the field of law, the skills you need, and how to maximise your chances. It is difficult to balance law and a clinical career and maintain expertise in both, so most people choose one or the other.