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The NLSLA works to expand access to health care and provides support to people who are struggling to obtain coverage and resolve health plan issues. The organization also works with physicians in community clinics and hospitals to identify and resolve legal issues that impact individual and community health. Low-income communities are always the hardest hit by a disaster, whether it`s a devastating wildfire or a global health emergency. The NLSLA provides disaster-related legal services that address issues related to FEMA, unemployment and other essential services, health insurance, and housing issues. Download our PDF for full details, including locations/contacts, hours of operation and services, as well as contacts for family law mediators. Hi, this is Marvella. Do you have help with those who deal with estate matters? I need a certified paralegal. NLSLA believes that justice depends on equal access to justice and the protection of the law. How can we ensure a fair outcome in a custody case if there is no interpreter? How can a person in a wheelchair fight to protect their home when their assigned courtroom is three bus lines away? The NLSLA works to ensure access to our courts and to expand legal assistance and representation in civil cases where basic human needs are at stake. Join us for an afternoon of appetizers and refreshments to celebrate our dedicated supporters and the diverse neighbourhoods and communities we serve. The NLSLA operates legal access self-help centers in Los Angeles County courthouses, where litigants in need of domestic violence protection can resolve custody disputes, file for divorce and stop eviction, access legal advice, and refer legal services.

The NLSLA provides free legal assistance to more than 100,000 individuals and families in Los Angeles County each year. Our lawyers specialize in areas of law that disproportionately impact people living in poverty, including affordable housing and eviction, access to public services, support for survivors of domestic violence and their children, access to health and labor and consumer rights, employment and training. Through a combination of individual advocacy, hard-hitting litigation, and political advocacy, the NLSLA addresses the immediate and long-term effects of poverty and expands access to health, opportunity, and justice in Los Angeles neighborhoods. We provide free legal aid to residents of Los Angeles County. Get legal help online, by phone or in person. The NLSLA works to maintain affordable housing and rent control, prevent illegal evictions and foreclosures, and combat discrimination in Section 8 and other government-subsidized housing. Our lawyers offer a range of services, from advice and advice to individual representation and highly effective litigation. Each year, NLSLA provides free support to thousands of individuals and families through innovative projects that expand access to justice and address the most pressing needs of poor communities in Los Angeles.

Overall Financial Benefits for Customers in 2021 Join our team and make a real impact on the lives of low-income individuals and communities in housing, healthcare and more. The NLSLA is at the forefront of health promotion in California: we run a network of statewide programs that provide free support to people who struggle to get coverage and resolve health plan issues; strive to identify pervasive problems of access to health care that need to be addressed at the policy level; and ensure that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act makes sense for the most affected communities in Los Angeles Clients helped exercise their right to housing in 2021 Meaningful pro bono opportunities to sustainably improve the lives of individuals and families in Los Angeles. Work with advocates who do public relations, help with self-help clinics and support administrative staff in our offices. Help the NLSLA address the immediate and long-term effects of poverty and improve access to health, opportunity, and equity. Assistance with child support cases. My ex has a lawyer and I can`t afford one. I need help thinking about what to do? He claims that I take drugs, but I only smoke Marajuana occasionally. An unwavering advocate for individuals, families, and communities throughout Los Angeles CountyHelping low-income individuals, families, and communities achieve economic security is at the heart of much of NLSLA`s work. Our advocates work to mitigate the effects of poverty and create opportunities for individuals and families to achieve financial stability. We work with our clients to remove barriers to education and employment, protect and resolve family relationships, and ensure access to public safety nets.